12 MiniBattles

    12 MiniBattles is an interesting multiplayer game where you and a friend can play together on many different games. This physics style game has different types of games that you can play randomly including a soccer match and sniper war. All different games have a one-button control system that makes them easy to play for maximum fun.
    This addictive game will keep you and a friend entertained for hours. Play all the games and spend hours to make better friends. Have fun and win every game!
    12 MiniBattles is the second runner-up in the CrazyGames Developer 2018 competition. The jury of three independent game experts love to set up 2 players and play diverse with retro graphics. "The party game is a hit or miss, this game is a hit. The concepts are well done and I really like the fast-paced and single-button input of the game."

     Player 1 use A
    Player 2 use L