Combat 6 (Combat Online)

    Combat 5 (Combat Online) is a fast-paced and packed first-person shooter game in which you can wield weapons and fight against other players from around the world. Combat 5 is the next title of the original Combat Reloaded, so if you like this, why not try the original? You can enter countless arenas and maps and take part in amazing death battles.
    Use a variety of weapons such as deadly machine guns, pistols or even sniper guns to destroy your opponent. Once you've played the available maps, you can even use the map editor to create your own great arena. Can you conquer Combat 5 and show off your fighting skills?

     WASD or arrow keys to move
    Left click to shoot
    R to reload
    F to pick-up a weapon
    B to open buy menu
    Shift to run
    Space bar to jump
    Number keys to switch weapons
    Tab to enter menu